Bulk Coconut Sugar

Bulk coconut sugar manufacturers in the Philippines and other Pacific Island Countries have been spending millions of dollars upgrading their facilities to meet the demand for coconut palm sugar which has proven to be a much healthier sweetener than traditional cane sugar or cane sugar artificial sweeteners. Coconut palm sugar is made from the flowers of a coconut tree that is a one hundred percent organic, natural sweetener that is as sweet as traditional cane sugar but without the harmful effects that go along with ingesting pure can sugar or sugar artificial sweeteners that contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Coconut palm sugar has an extremely low glycemic index and has many vital vitamin and minerals and amino acids and does not go through the processing that traditional cane sugar goes through hence retaining all of the nutrients and health benefits of a truly organic whole food with no bleaching done in the processing and no preservatives.

Coconut palm sugar is made by cutting the fully ripened bud of the coconut tree flower. This allows the coconut nectar similar to the sap from a tree to be gathered where it is than boiled to a  thick, brown colored rue and then is dried in the coconut sugar bulk manufacturers drying warehouses and prepared for packaging and shipping to super markets and health food stores worldwide. Bulk coconut sugar manufacturers   adhere to the highest standards of making coconut sugar and the coconut sugar manufacturers  are regulated by their governments agriculture and health departments to insure the product meets the highest standards. The main reason coconut sugar has been so successful as a replacement to traditional cane sugar is because of the low glycemic index. The glycemic index measures how fast the human body turns food into sugar. The lower the glycemic index the better the food is for consumption and to meet daily nutritional requirements. If one adheres to the low glycemic diet tou in effect help your body’s immune system to ward off sickness and disease like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gall stones and obesity.